6 Nov 2013

"I should be in that video!"

Today I saw this video on Youtube about children reacting to two videos of marriage proposals where the people are gay and then commenting on questions around the topic of gay people getting married. Best video I've seen in a while. Especially in some of the younger children you see the true reactions where they clearly haven't had much, if any, experience about what "gay marriage" means. And you can also see how easily parents or other grown ups can make someone think something they can't even explain but they do have a very strong opinion about it nevertheless. 

Very interesting and I am quite impressed with how intelligent these young people are. Thank you to them for at least somewhat restoring my faith in humanity. And maybe there'll be a day sometime in the future where we'll simply just call it marriage.

One of the best/cutest comments ever:  "So, if I got a box of microscopes, I'd be gay?"

Some of my other favourite quotes:

"I should be in that video!"

"He does have a nice suit, I have to say that."

"Well, this is new!"

"Gay is bad for you! - Why do you think that is bad? - Because... I don't know!"

"I don't get why ANYONE would be mad!"

"I need talk to Mr President!"

"It kind of takes away from the whole freedom thing"

"I'm afraid there's tornadoes, I don't wanna go there, but I have to because I want to marry someone I like and that's not right."

"I'm kind of ashamed that I live in this world, why can't I live on that moon that supposedly has jellyfish on it?"

"There's no completely valid reason."

"I mean, I'm a Christian, I don't think it's wrong." 

"I'm your friend! AIRHUG!"

"Even though that's not my problem, I will still fight for it, if I can."

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