30 Nov 2013

November challenges done, done and done

At the beginning of the month I decided on a couple of things. First of all I started doing Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred-exercise program, this I started on the last day of last month, but still. Second I was going to eat less or no meat for the month. And my third goal was to walk a lot more than I usually do.Today is the last day of this month and I must say I did pretty well on all three challenges.

I didn't do the 30 day shred every day and I didn't do all levels 10 times, I think I did level 1 and 2 about seven times and today was the fourth time I did level 3. I think I must've become stronger because level 3 doesn't feel as hard to do as the other levels. It is a challenge though and I have to modify some of the moves, mainly because my upper body isn't strong enough. For example push ups are still a huge challenge for me so knees in the floor it is. But I love that I start to feel I actually have some muscles. It is really the best prize I can get for this. To see the change in my body and that what I'm doing is working. Making me stronger and healthier day by day! I think I'll continue with level 3 for a couple of more times. Maybe I'll be able to do one real push up once I'm done!

The second challenge also went well. I did eat fish and seafood, not every day but a couple of times a week. So clearly not completely meatless, but still very much different from what I've normally eaten up til now. It wasn't at all difficult and even though I don't think I will go completely vegetarian, at least not yet, I will certainly continue along these lines; vegetables, egg and dairy products and seafood as the main ingredients and then perhaps some meat and chicken just every now and then.

Oh I forgot, I did eat meat last weekend. We were at Mr A.'s grand parents' 90.year birthday party and the food was meat with meat. I of course had some because it would've been rude not to. And it was very nice food too, and don't worry, there was potatoes and salad as well. A nice dinner party for the sweet couple.

Then to the walking challenge. I went out walking almost every day this month. I did have a couple of rest days and then last weekend there was the bears and wolves stopping me from walking. But I think I was quite good at taking the extra time and got company most days on my walks. I made a couple of long walks, 10 and 12 km, but usually it was about 3 - 6 km. I never logged my walk to and from work or walking to the closest supermarkets and other similar every day routines. So everything I logged was basically extra walking.

According to my gps I walked 143.22 km this month. That's an average of 4.8 km extra walking every day, also counting the rest days. Maybe not mind blowing, but I'm very pleased with myself for going out walking so much despite it being November. It's not exactly the best month in Finland for walking, weatherwise. Today it first rained and then everything froze so I had to half skate back home. I very much doubt I'll walk anywhere near as much in December, but I will definitely continue going out for walks. As long as it's not just ice on the pavements.

Now that those challenges are over and the best bits will continue as parts of my life I'll have to think of at least one new challenge for next month. I'll leave that for tomorrow though.

If anyone hasn't tried The 30 Day Shred and wants to give it a go, here's level 1:

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