9 Nov 2013

Putting some more weight on my shoulders

Today I bought some new dumbbells: 3 kg dumbbells. I only had 1 and 2 kg ones from before and after doing Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred for some days now I realised I need more weight for some of the moves. I've only been using 2 kg dumbbells doing the exercises so far, but they are a bit too heavy for some of the moves and a bit too light for some. So today was the first day that I did level 1 using all three different weights. I feel this was a very good decision because I now got more out of the strength moves when I adjusted the weight according to my ability.

I am still struggling on especially one of the strength moves, namely the side lunges with anterior raises (needless to say this was the move I used 1 kg dumbbells for). At the same time the ab moves in particular, and most of the cardio, is getting far too easy for me. I'm thinking I might take a stab at level 2 tomorrow. I've only done level 1 seven times, not 10, like the program is meant to be done. However I've also not done the shred every day, since I've for example also been going to pilates class and been walking a lot.

When it comes to walking, I had made it a goal this month to walk more, and this I have done. On a normal day with walking to and from work and then perhaps the supermarket or something similar, I would guess I walk between 2-4 kilometers during a day. Now I've been tracking all extra walks on my Sportstracker app this month. So far I've walked 50.5 km extra this month.

I've only had one complete rest day this month. I probably should have one each week so my knee won't start causing me problems. The rest day was last Thursday and it became a rest day mainly because I only had a couple of hours of sleep and had absolutely no energy. The work week was quite stressful which led to a racing mind that wouldn't shut down until closer to 5 am, leading to me not hearing my alarm at 7 am and oversleeping. Waking up and realising the time is 8.54 and the workday started 25 minutes ago isn't an ideal situation...

The reason Mr A. didn't hear the alarm go off and woke me up was that when he noticed I had finally fallen asleep, he had moved to sleep on the sofa. The reason was afraid he'd disturb me and wake me up again. How sweet of him! That is love. Anyway, restless night and oversleeping meant my head was spinning the whole day and by the time I got home again, I thought there was only one smart thing to do. Rest.

Today I didn't rest. I went out for a walk with my mother, and we ended up walking about 12 km. Let's see if my legs want to do much walking tomorrow. I hope so, I love long walks like that. Especially when the weather is quite perfect for walking. Crisp autumn air. This isn't my favourite season but I like autumn for long walks (when it's not windy and rainy). The weather forecast doesn't bode so well for tomorrow, but who knows. Plus a little rain can be refreshing, right?


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    1. Thanks! Although today I did level 2 with 1 and 2 kg weights. But hoping to increase the weight in some of the moves in a couple of days. Feels pretty cool to be able to feel my arm and shoulder muscles growing. Slowly, but still.


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