3 Nov 2013

Sometimes you need to wait for it

*contains possible minor spoilers*

You can see who the geeks are when the end credits start to roll.

Yesterday I went to see Thor: The Dark World. This time I actually knew there'd be a scene after the end credits so I didn't stay just because. But to my surprise there was a mid-credits scene and one post-credits. Half of those who stayed during the credits left after the mid-credits scene, but I had heard that I should sit tight 'til the very end, so I did. (Mr A stood up and wanted to leave after the mid-credits scene.)

I really liked the movie, it was very entertaining: fun and exciting. A perfect film to go see on a dark and rainy Saturday night. At least for those who like action, fantasy, superhero, comic-kind of films. I absolutely love the humour in the Marvel movies. I've never read the comics, so don't know if the humour is there already, I assume so though. Of the films based on Marvel comics I've seen so far,  The Avengers is my favourite (Joss Whedon!). But I think Thor: The Dark World comes in second on that list.

When the end credits started to roll I saw the name of the actor who plays Malekith, the ruler of the Dark Elves. Christopher Eccleston! I hadn't at all noticed that it was him, nor had I given any thought to who the actor playing the character was. And then it was the Ninth Doctor. Nice!

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