11 Nov 2013

Time to start planning for Tenerife

So excited! Next month we are going to Tenerife (note to burglars: we have both house and cat sitters). So soon it's time to start planning for the trip. Or at least have a look at what we might want to do while we are there. It's very possible that we'll end up mainly just relaxing, but it's good to know what options there are. Just in case we do want to have lots of activities every day.

My parents go to the Canary Islands a lot (a lot a lot!). So when we were over at their house for Father's Day coffee on Sunday I happened to ask if they have any guide books on Tenerife. Yep. They did. The oldest one was from the 70s and the newest ones from the 90s. And no, I didn't borrow them.

I loved looking at the pictures in the guide book from the 70s. It was an old library book so you could also see that it had been borrowed in 1977 and 1980. Probably other times as well, but these two times were marked in the book itself. Someone had also underlined things they found important. Even written notes and made remarks on the maps. So cute. (I need to add that in general I do think it's rude to write things in library books.)

Wonder how much Puerto de la Cruz has changed from the 70s? 


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