16 Nov 2013

Yay! I'm an auntie!

Happiness is... 

Today I met a new little person. He stole my heart right away. Well, he had stolen it already when I saw the first picture of him just 1,5 hours after he was born a couple of days ago. But now he got to steal it in person. My little nephew. I'm so proud of my sister. And so happy for the whole new family!

The card at the hospital that had all the details of his birth
Due to hospital rules only the grand parents get to visit during visiting hours so I haven't been able to go to visit my sister and the baby. They are still at the hospital but today my sister had enough energy to come with the baby to the lobby so we got to meet!

We got the little boy a small bunny rabbit and also a cute hat, socks and a body. Of course I forgot to take pictures of all of those... Managed to take a picture of the cute bunny though. I was so excited to meet him and see my sister and her boyfriend, the proudest parents in the world!

Baby bunny sitting in the baby bed

I'm very much looking forward to spending more time with my nephew and watch him grow up. He is probably going to be very spoiled by his aunt and his aunt's boyfriend. We already went and bought him a new gift! Haha! But I'll try to save it for Christmas, even though I want to get him everything right now! The whole world for the cutest baby in it.

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