24 Dec 2013

Have yourself a merry little christmas

Woke up after seven this morning. Not my favourite thing to do on a day off work. I woke up because I was having a nightmare. I was watching an ice hockey game and the players got seriously injured and there was blood everywhere. Happy times. Wonder where that weird dream came from, but very glad it was just a dream and I won't go into detail about it because it was quite horrific. I'm pretty sure nothing as terrible usually happens during an ice hockey game (hopefully never ever). Not something you want to wake up to on a happy day like this. Sorry for sharing and enough about that!

Today is Christmas Eve! Now watching Finnish television where children are calling Father Christmas and singing to him. And in between they show cartoons and such. At the moment it's Postman Pat. (fun fact of the day: I was called Postman Pat for years at school) In just a little while we'll be at my parents' eating rice porridge for Christmas Eve brunch. Lovely times!

In the evening I'm sure there'll be more lovely food, Christmas Eve dinner at my parents'. I'm very much looking forward to the first Christmas with the cutest baby in the world, my nephew. And presents, there'll of course be presents! I was wrapping gifts until after midnight last night, until my back hurt so much. Hope everyone likes their presents, I love giving gifts I think will be appreciated.

Now I better start getting ready so I won't have to eat Christmas porridge in my pyjamas. Unfortunately I won't be wearing my new red dress. Reason: it doesn't exists. I went shopping yesterday in the hope of finding the perfect red dress on sale, but I didn't even find an imperfect not-red dress that wasn't on sale that I wanted to buy. I guess my no shopping mode continues (which is a good thing). I'm sure one of my old dresses or skirts will do just as fine.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Waiting for Christmas presents?

Our Christmas tree is very small, red and made of metal but it has Hello Kitty in it!

Snowglobe collection


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