12 Dec 2013

Planking in the rain - challenge update

On holiday in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife at the moment and the rain just keeps pouring down outside. Rain, rain, rain and more rain. And then some more. The not so great holiday weather started on Tuesday with strong winds and continued with thunder storms and pouring rain yesterday. It's supposed to continue all day today too.

Lucky for us, this part of the island seems to be spared of the worst weather. Based on what we've seen on the news there's been bad flooding and closed roads elsewhere. This of course also means we're pretty much stuck here so our back up plans for bad weather - take the bus somewhere else, doesn't help us. We don't mind so much though, we had great weather a couple of days. And we've done lots of things even though we've relaxed most of the time.

However, what I was going to write about was not the trip, might do another post on that later, but a small update on the fitness challenges I set myself at the start of the month. I kind of changed one of them completely, but (so far) have followed the other one to the T.

I've been a good girl and done my planking every day, apart from the rest days, and following the plan without too much hassle. Today is day 12 of the challenge which means I'm supposed to plank for 90 seconds. I think that is my all time record so let's see how it goes. Yesterday I did start to feel it getting quite hard when I did 80 seconds.

It was the day when I hit 60 seconds that I started to feel how impossible this challenge might be for me. I'm thinking I just don't have the muscle mass it requires to plank for much longer. I won't give up yet though! If at some point (very soon I'm afraid) I feel I've reach my maximum I'll just stay at that level until I'm ready to continue. I'm doing a couple of planks a day. Yesterday I did 40 seconds, 80 seconds, 40 seconds. With pauses in between obviously.

I decided to lose the Blogilates-challenge this month. I'll follow it another month instead. What I started doing instead, a couple days into the month, but will try to catch up, was another 30 day challenge. This one was mentioned by Fairy G on her blog. She said she had started doing it so I thought it would suit this month's challenge much better than the Blogilates on.

The challenge is 30 Day Little Black Dress Challenge and contains very basic body weight exercises. So an absolutely perfect challenge to do when on the go and not sure about internet connection availability and similar things. This month is not a normal month with the trip and Christmas so this suits me better now.

picture from Pinterest
The name of the challenge is (very!) silly if you ask me, but the exercises are quite good and you can easily modify the level depending on your own fitness level. On that same site there is a 30 Day Plank Challenge too. That one is a bit different from the one I'm following. I think this one might actually be better, since you stay at the same level a couple of days before going up. In the one I'm following the time is increased every day.

What is great about the two challenges I'm now following is that they go very well together, and I do them at the same time.

I'm now on day 6 of the "little black dress" (seriously, I like the name less every time I write it) challenge and have been doing about 15 - 30 minutes of the exercises each day. Including a short warm up and cool down. The only exercise I have trouble doing so far is the tricep dips. My triceps are very weak and then I have even weaker wrists. So when I do them it hurts my wrists. I might have to do some alternative tricep exercise. Yesterday's 15 I had to do 3 x 5 reps instead of all 15 in one go. Usually I've done 2 - 4 reps of each exercise on the list. The only exception being the tricep dips.

I've also done other exercises than the ones on "today's menu". Like yesterday when I was so bad at the tricep dips I did push ups, squats and lunges as well.

Still not being able to do proper push ups, but I'm getting there! I can now go almost halfway down. Probably sounds like very little, but some time ago I couldn't even bend my arms at all when trying to do proper push ups. I've tried to do a push up challenge once, but my wrists started hurting so much that I had to stop. Maybe if I can learn to do proper push ups, and therefore don't have to do as many, it'll help my wrists too.

Anyway, I just had breakfast and soon it's time for today's exercises! 90 second plank in the plank challenge and cardio exercises in the little black dress challenge, jumping jacks, burpees and mountain climbers. Sounds like fun! And then perhaps out for a walk in the rain to refresh myself.


  1. Maybe we can call it the LBD-challenge instead ;-) Good that you reminded me of it today. I had a bad start but now I'm on it again!

    1. Good idea! I just did mine for today. The plank didn't go as well today though. I was supposed to do 100 seconds. Yesterday I just barely managed 90 seconds so today my muscles were tired. Did 3 x 45 seconds instead.

    2. Have you finished your month already? Mine seems to become a 60 day challenge but what the heck. I'm on day 18 now I think. Well better than nothing I suppose... :-)

    3. Unfortunately not... I made it to two minutes, but realised I was keeping my butt a bit too high so I made it too easy for me. When I corrected my form I only managed one minute. So then I started doing shorter planks (30-60 s) with the correct form instead and continued doing different kinds of body weight exercises and not completely following the challenge. Oh well, at least I've been doing something, right? :)


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